How to: Move Across the Country

I wanted to write a blog post detailing the literal steps I took to make an LA move possible for me, and also attempt to address the larger question: when is the right time to make a big move like this? How do you know when you’re ready?

Goodbye, Chicago!

It’s moving day! Which means, I’m saying goodbye to Chicago, the city that has had my heart for the past three years. It’s given me some of the best times, best memories, and best people of my life. I’m so excited for the next chapter, but first, let’s reflect on my fave Chicago things…


How to Shop SheIn (and sites like it!) Like a Pro

Y’all, if you’ve ever been interested in shopping bargain sites like SheIn but have thought to yourself “These prices seem too good to be true,” you’re not alone! I have figured out a foolproof way to shop these sites while taking away a lot of the risk/guesswork. Check it out…


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