Let’s Get Caught Up! Sept. Slice Updates

I’ve officially been in LA for one month and I simultaneously feel like a lot has happened and nothing has happened. Get caught up on all things Slice - life, work, friends, Joe and more!


How to: Move Across the Country

I wanted to write a blog post detailing the literal steps I took to make an LA move possible for me, and also attempt to address the larger question: when is the right time to make a big move like this? How do you know when you’re ready?


How to Shop SheIn (and sites like it!) Like a Pro

Y’all, if you’ve ever been interested in shopping bargain sites like SheIn but have thought to yourself “These prices seem too good to be true,” you’re not alone! I have figured out a foolproof way to shop these sites while taking away a lot of the risk/guesswork. Check it out…


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