Let’s Get Caught Up! September Slice Updates

I’ve officially been in LA for one month and I simultaneously feel like a lot has happened and nothing has happened. Get caught up on all things Slice - life, work, friends, Joe and more!

How to: Move Across the Country

I’ve had a few different people ask me in the past month or so about my decision to move to LA from Chicago, and how I made that happen in a span of just some months. So, I wanted to write a blog post detailing the literal steps I took to make an LA move possible for me, and also attempt to address the larger question: when is the right time to make a big move like this? How do you know when you’re ready?


Goodbye Chicago

Saying goodbye to Chicago is the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a really long while. Chicago has had my heart for the past three years, and it’s given me some of the best times, best memories, and best people of my life. I’m so excited for the next chapter, but first, let’s reflect on my fave Chicago things…

Slice Updates: 050719

Hey guys! It has been a littleee while since I’ve updated you all on here, and that’s because I’ve been in the process of essentially blowing up my whole life, which apparently I like to do every two years like clockwork….

Jamie Party.jpeg


HelloAva Beauty: 4-Week Review

I was lucky enough to win a HelloAva Instagram giveaway a couple months back, and have for the past several weeks been testing out the customized skincare regimen that they sent me. For those of you unfamiliar, HelloAva is skincare company that utilizes AI and skincare experts to determine the best products for each person’s unique skin care needs.

My Experience Dating a Coworker: Worth It If It’s Worth It

I have worked at my job for just under two years now. I also have the insane luck and good fortune to have met my boyfriend, Joe, there and we’ve been dating for a year. When I would do corporate internships in college, I remember meeting quite a few adults who were seriously dating or even married with kids to someone they had met at work. Back then, I didn’t understand how someone could even consider dating a coworker.


Coming Clean: A Random List of 10 Things I Suck At

Today marks my 1 month blogiversary! I recently read another blogger say about blogging, “You’re going to suck when you start,” and it really stuck with me, because my tendency is definitely to avoid things I’m terrible at. I’m trying to lean into those things more, and the first step towards that is acknowledging them!

I Failed Dry January, But I Still Got to Reap Some of the Benefits

Last December, I found myself cringing at a lot of choices I was making - cringing at the amount of money I was spending on alcohol each week, at how hard it was getting for me to slip into my favorite pair of jeans, and at the overall feeling of being rundown I’d had for….what was going on a few months straight. So, though I’d never done one before let alone considered it, I thought - maybe a dry January can work for me.



Can Chicago Winter & My Social Life Coexist?

I’m in the midst of my third Chicago winter and, to be honest, I’ve only just now (barely) started feeling like I can make it through a winter without going totally insane. Usually, winter comes and I lock myself down - I don’t want to go out, none of my winter clothes are “cute,” and I’m not interested in being outside traipsing from bar to bar in the freezing cold….

Intro to Transplant Chronicles: Chicago vs New York?

I am originally from New York City (shout out to Brooklyn!!), and as much as I love home, there is something about Chicago that just feels right for me…at least in this phase of my life….