5 Questions to Help Define Your Signature Style

I wrote up a list of 5 fun questions about your style. The answers should help you narrow in on what your personal style ethos is - once you know that, you’ll never find yourself wandering aimlessly through clothing stores again!

I’m a Sucker For Anything Leather: Tips For Buying Faux Leather

I LOVE all things leather, but I can’t always afford them. Here I’ve put together some foolproof tips for buying faux leather that looks like the real deal!


winter white 5.jpg

I know they say you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day, but for me that seems like a super long time to go without rocking a pair of white jeans or a cute white top.

The Subtle Art of Thrift/Vintage Shopping: Tips & Tricks

I LOVE vintage shopping and thrifting because I love bringing new life to a piece that has served someone else well. Nothing beats the thrill of finding an incredible item or designer find at an affordable price and knowing it’ll fit right in with the rest of my wardrobe. As a secondary bonus, I can offset my shopping addiction by mixing secondhand pieces into my wardrobe.

Red Pant Crouch Shot.jpg

Yellow Dress Black Sweater.JPG

4 Easy Outfit Ideas for a Weekend Road Trip

Even though I don't know how to drive, I LOVE road trips. I've outlined 4 easy outfit ideas for a weekend road trip. The key: cute, comfy clothing that won't wrinkle too much or leave you sweaty.

6 Backless Sweaters You'll Love + 3 Easy Steps to Rock Them Flawlessly Every Time

I love a good backless sweater because they are just an effortless way to look put together. I love to rock one for those special days when a normal outfit just won’t cut it. Read on for how I get ready when I know I’ll be wearing one, and for some affordable ones you need in your closet asap!!

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OOTD: Olive Green Spanx Leather Leggings

I have been crushing on these Spanx faux leather leggings for over a year now, since my manager came into the office sporting them on one random day. I love ALL things leather, so I’d been on the hunt for a pair of leather look leggings for forever. I couldn’t seem to ever pull the trigger on a pair…

Going Out? 5 Great Looks That Will Also Keep You Warm

As much as I love going out with friends, it goes without saying that it is exponentially harder to get dressed up and go out in the freezing winter months. For me, part of the issue is not wanting to be out in any gross snow or frozen rain situation, and part of it is not knowing how to balance dressing cute and still being warm…

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Developing My Own Style as a Younger Sibling

In my very few adult years, and with time away to develop my own voice, my style has become all my own. And as a younger sibling who is used to the (many) opinions of my siblings, parents and friends influencing pretty much all of my choices, this feels important, especially as I start making other big life decisions for myself.

3 Styles I’m Embracing to Get Out of My Clothing Comfort Zone

I love to experiment as much as the rest, but it’s kinda hard to be motivated to branch out when I feel like I’ve already figured out what works for me! But, starting this blog was all about ~growth~ SO I’m making it my mission to embrace these three styles for 2019 and beyond - and if they look terrible on me, I’m confident I’ve got more than a couple friends who wouldn’t hesitate to let me know…

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This Shade of Green is Always a Winning Look

I am absolutely in love with this dress I picked up from Zara the last time I was there. There’s something about this shade of green that I love so much, but it also screams “holiday” to me - maybe because it’s approximately the shade of a Christmas tree? No matter the reason why, I’m challenging myself to get some additional wears out of it…

The Only 3 Pairs of Sneakers You Need in Your Closet

I am 100% a girly girl - I love dresses, (and probably wear them way too deep into fall/winter for my own good), I love scarves and other beautiful accessories, and I love gorgeous footwear. Still, I am sure there are other girly-girls out there who, like me, have still found themselves totally captivated by athleisure.

Red Topshop Hurricane Boot.jpeg

The 5 Styles Currently Fueling My Bootie Obsession

So, I am without a doubt a summer person. I love the beach, I love the heat, and I even love the sweat. But, I can’t help but get ridiculously excited about the arrival of fall and even, dare I say, winter, for one reason only. It’s because I know it’s finally time for me to whip out all of the 28468943 pairs of booties I own…