Goodbye, Farewell, So Long...

I came to Chicago because I had an itch - I was coming out of 4 amazing years of college in small town North Carolina and I just wasn’t feeling like a move back to New York was what I wanted. I wanted something new, something different, and frankly, something a bit more chill than NYC. Whenever people ask me how I feel about Chicago, or Chicago vs New York, it’s really hard to explain that while NY is my favorite place ever, Chicago has been the most perfect post-grad city a gal could’ve ever dreamed of.

So, while it’s certainly not perfect (I still don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my head around how segregated this city is), I wanted to make a post thanking Chicago for being all that it’s been to me. So, below, a list of things Chicago-related that I will miss dearly (presented in no particular order):

  • Carolyn + Lena - seriously the best roommates and friends and confidantes a girl could ever ask for. Thank you for always putting up with me coming home from work every day and either ranting endlessly about my day or not speaking to you at all. Thank you for not making me watched Love Island or Bach with you. Thank you for watching Vanderpump Rules with me, and every rom com ever in the history of man.

  • The beach - I was never one of those people who was like “omg, I haveee to live near a body of water otherwise I would just die” BUT I will say that having a literal beach in the city is the most magical thing and I will miss it dearly (no I don’t consider Cali beaches to be similar, totallyyy different)

  • Meg & Jamie’s theme parties - seriously, I LOVE house parties so much and it was very exciting to meet friends that take the art of the house party so seriously and do it so well. I will miss every party and already debating whether or not I should just come back for Halloween UGH

  • Rooftops & Rooftop season - Chicago is SERIOUS about its rooftops and I like that.

  • Affordable rent - ‘nuff said

  • Having a neighborhood bar - I have always watched old sitcoms and dreamed about having a neighborhood bar that I went to regularly with my friends, and I have so many of those in Chicago!! Honestly probably too many…

  • Watching other people do karaoke - Chicago is where I discovered how much I love watching friends do karaoke. This is a top 5 favorite pastime.

  • The bus - The bus in NY is full exclusively of old people and crazy people and it’s smelly and awful. Chicago does buses right, and it’s a wonder.

  • Homeslice - If you don’t know my love for Homeslice (and Happy Camper!), you don’t know me.

  • Chicago dogs - I like hot dogs, I LOVE Chicago-style dogs

  • Reaffirming my love of NY pizza - Because deep dish is seriously, seriously overrated

  • Joe Antonini - I love Joe so much. Chicago will forever be the place that gave me Joe, so that’s pretty cool

  • Slice of Safiya - We can argue that this blog would’ve happened whether I moved to Chicago or not, but Slice of Safiya was born in Chicago and I love that it’ll always have its roots here

Okay, I’m starting to get really sentimental so I’m going to stop myself there, but there are literally a million other things I could name. It’s been the absolute best time, and I can’t wait for what’s next.

@Chicago, thanks for the wild ride, and I’ll be seeing you soon!

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