September Slice Updates

As we careen into October at the same insane speed with which all of 2019 has passed, I wanted to take some time to reflect on September, my first month in LA! I’m the farthest I’ve ever lived away from my family, not to mention being far away from most of my friends, and I’m facing some exciting choices and changes...let’s get you guys updated!


I get serious heart eyes over this skyline :)

I get serious heart eyes over this skyline :)


Living in LA feels like a weird dream, like I’m at sleepaway camp or on an extended vacation. That is to say, it definitely hasn’t sunk in yet that I live here and will for the foreseeable future. That said, I love it! I love the people here. I love that when people get dressed here they really get DRESSED. I love the city’s overall vibe. I even love that the city is so massive I still haven’t seen like, 90% of it. 

I will admit, I hate the traffic, and I hate that walkability is only a thing in a handful of neighborhoods. Overall, I am excited to make this city my home in a real way and to explore more of it with time!


I have been in a career crisis for what feels like over a year now (any of my friends/family can confirm this lollll). Since graduation, I’ve had the conflicting impulses to on the one hand make safe, stable career choices that feel like proven paths to success, while on the other hand I secretly dream of taking bigger risks and pursuing less conventional paths. The reality is that things aren’t as black and white as that, and what will make my life and career unique is as much a function of where I work as it is a product of what I do outside of work. Having this blog has helped me to realize that and it’s exciting, to say the least!

All that to say I have a NEW new job (seriously guys I think this one will stick) that I’m starting this month at a fun tech company, and it’s bringing me back into the advertising/media industry! So, I am really excited for this new journey.


I’ve been hitting the friend circuit hard but I’d be lying if I said I’ve been consistent with my follow-through. I’ve met a few humans I like and would enjoy spending time with again, but I just need to commit more time to following up, asking for second hangs (it really is a lot like dating), and being the kind of friend I hope to find here! Still working on this piece, so if you guys have any tips on friend-making in a new city I am all ears!


I’m not gonna lie, I was a littleeeee bit nervous that moving to LA would put strain on my relationship with Joe and I didn’t know for sure how we’d handle the move, individually or as a couple. Now a month into it, I’m of course not surprised that we’ve weathered it really well! In the first couple of weeks post-move, we each had our fair share of stressed out moments (Joe) and total meltdowns (yours truly), but we talked our way through them and we’ve settled pretty easily into a routine that works for us and that makes me happy. Like, really really happy :)


**Other LA FAQ

The kind of minimal bedroom decor I wish I could achieve UGH

The kind of minimal bedroom decor I wish I could achieve UGH

Are you and Joe living together? Nope! Definitely not there yet, but we live close enough to each other that I see plenty of him :)

Are you driving yet? There is definitely some anxiety around the driving process, and I am 100% building it up in my head which doesn’t help. The good news is, I live and work in areas that are super accessible without a car. So until I work through my anxiety, I’m not driving and it’s all good!

How’s your apartment/roommate? My apartment is super great and I was lucky enough to be connected with a roommate through mutual friends. All good on the home front!! Seriously, the only negative is that I’m terrible at decorating and so I just haven’t decorated yet…anyone who saw my room right now would 100% think I am a sociopath…

Are you blogging full time? Nope! I just love creating content and I’m prioritizing the blog moving forward. That said, you may have noticed I’ve started to work with some brands… Right now, all of my posts have been gifted so ya girl is not getting paid, BUT what that means is I’ve only said yes to brands/products I actually like and would use or already use. I’ve got some cool brand content planned for October so keep an eye out :)

What are you going to be for Halloween? Okay fine, this isn’t an FAQ at all but I’m seriously trying to figure out what Joe and I should be so if you have any ideas let me know!!