090619 - Comfy/Chic Crop Tops

I love a good crop top, but it’s been a while since I’ve worn one because I’ve always hated wearing an uncomfortably tight crop top - I feel like they’re only flattering for about 5 minutes before they stop looking good on anyone. And worse, you can’t eat or move comfortably in them!

I found this crop top randomly out shopping last weekend and am so obsessed with it - it inspired me to find other comfy-but-still-chic crop tops, and I found some that I love and want to share with y’all! Sooo, let’s get into them :)


053119 - Funky Sunglasses

I have basically been sunglass-less for the past 24 years of my life. All the normal styles look so strange on me, and as much as I’ve tried to pinpoint it, I am honestly not sure exactly why. Maybe my head is too big, maybe my face is too small, whatever it is, all I know is I have in fact confirmed this deficiency of mine with multiple friends and even a couple of strangers. So no, I’m not paranoid or being annoyingly self-deprecating! Nothing but honesty and self-awareness over here.

So anyways, long story short, I’m all into crazy sunglasses now and have rounded up some cool and affordable ones below. Let’s get into it!


1. Asos Pointy Squares - $19


5. Nasty Gal Playful Cat Eye - $7 on sale!


041619 - Spring/Summer Mules

I have been really on the fence about mules, mainly because my feet are ENORMOUS. But really, I am a size 10, so I need to make sure that all shoes I have are not going to make my already long feet look extra long.

Still, I wanted to take advantage of this trend because the mules I’ve seen are just so damn cute, and perfect for warmer weather! So, I did a ton of digging and narrowed down a list to some of my faves. That said, let’s get into it!


1. Lulus Blue Strappy Mules


Hope you guys enjoyed this installation of #SafShops! Stay tuned for the next one!