3 Foolproof Steps to Effectively Purging Your Closet

Guys….I have been ALL about the closet purge lately. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that this very short summer is somehow already winding down, that I’m leaving behind most of who and what I know and moving to Cali in less than a month, or just my normal itch to refresh and renew… 

Whatever it is, I have been absolutely RUTHLESS with my closet purging lately, even though it’s also a very painful process. For me letting go of clothes is like acknowledging some sort of failure. Did I really buy this hideous thing and think it was cool? Was I really so embarrassed about buying something so ugly I couldn’t even bring myself to return it? Oh man.

Now that I’ve gotten to spend some time with my newly purged, VERY bare bones closet, I think I’m finally ready to talk about it with y’all. I wrote up some quick steps I took to achieve a real and true closet purge, and how I stopped lying to myself and got rid of a lot of clothing dead weight!



Step 1

I washed everything….or as much as I could so that I’d be able to get a good look at everything I owned. IDK about you guys but my hamper is never empty, so SORRY to you people who do regular laundry for even daring to mention this step.

club monaco.jpeg

Step 2

Identify the below categories of purge-worthy clothes:

Dupes...I have three identical black Gap t shirts. That’s probably okay, basics are good to have in multiples. I also have three veryyy similar denim dresses, but only one fave that I actually enjoy wearing. I chucked the others!

Regret purchases…I had SO many things in my closet that LITERALLY still had the tags on, or had been worn one time, including these weird bejeweled shorts from Club Monaco….I don’t even shop there and I haven’t even come close to having an occasion to wear those shorts? I can’t even explain the origin of them. So I let them go!

Accidents...I had sweaters I’d nicked holes in, dresses I’d spilled on and never been able to fix or get clean, the list goes on. Unclear why I had been holding onto those things for so long, but I finally forgave myself for ruining them and then kindly showed them the door.

Lame Ducks...By far the hardest category for me to be real with myself about were items that were previous faves but now was just sick of - some fuzzy sweaters, super comfy dresses, stretched out t shirts, mid rise skinny jeans. These items had fun memories attached to them, and at one point had been my wardrobe all-stars. But now? I wasn’t wearing them, and wasn’t planning to anytime soon. I said goodbye!

Step 3

Enjoy your newly improved closet full of only clothes you know and love, AND have less guilt adding in some new items you’ll love even more!

What do you guys think about closet purging? How often do you do it?