How to Shop SheIn Like a Pro

Guys - if you are anything like me, then you LOVE fashion and you love affordable fashion….but you’re a bit skeptical of those brands and sites that honestly just seem too good to be true. It’s like, wow you have ALL these clothes that are right on trend for this season, including that one style I’ve been seeing everywhere and really would like to try, AND you’ve got them for a fraction of what they’d cost at any other store??? Righttttt…….

SheIn is exactly this. Last year, I forayed into the world of SheIn when I needed a bunchhh of bikinis for a trip. I have a STRONG opinion about bikinis that are 1. priced as separate pieces aka twice as expensive as they should be and 2. priced to be in line with the cost of other clothes despite being AN EIGHTH of the amount of fabric. Ranting aside, I figured then I would give SheIn a shot for some bikinis that were trendy and wouldn’t break the bank. I was not disappointed!!

From there, I got some pieces for winter/summer throughout the past year, and with time I would like to just say I’ve become quite the pro at shopping SheIn. EVERY item I order from there has looked and felt great, and held up to being washed. I’ve found that there is one key tool that will help you also be a pro, and some supporting tips will make you feel way more confident hitting that order button. Let’s get into them!

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 6.50.31 AM.png

1. YouTube is your absolute best friend when shopping SheIn!

When you log onto the platform and search “SheIn haul,” hundreds and hundreds of RECENT videos pop up of girls in every size, shape and color trying on SheIn items. When I get the itch to shop but don’t want to spend REAL money on my fave stores, I jump onto YouTube and look at a few haul videos from YouTubers I know have my style/aesthetic and a similar body type to mine.

They’ll typically try on insane amounts of stuff (think 15-25 items/looks) and they link every single item they try on for you in their captions. Talk about convenient!! This makes shopping super easy for me as I basically use these girls as proxy mannequins for me.

Note: this works for pretty much any major brand you can think of and I HIGHLY recommend leveraging this trick whenever you’re on the fence about purchasing something or trying out a new brand or style. My absolute FAVE at the moment for YouTube hauls is Kianna Naomi if you want to check her out!


Additional Tips

2. Order from SheIn’s Amazon store when possible

They obviously don’t have all of the inventory from the full site, but leveraging Amazon when you can will give you peace of mind on shipping and a very thorough and effective customer service team to lean on should anything go awry.

3. Avoid the sweaters/denim

As awesome as SheIn can be for things like summer dresses, bikinis and other items that are more seasonal (and don’t necessarily require high quality fabrics), I always avoid items like sweaters and denim that obviously are better coming from brands that are investing in quality fabrics and construction.

Those are my big tips for SheIn shopping (and bargain shopping in general)! Let me know what you guys think of the above ideas, and happy shopping!!